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2022 Lubricant Conference Meeting Platform


DAY 1  Time Topic Anchor/Speaker
April 28th
Introduction 11.00am- 11.10am Welcome Address, Ground Rules etc Tokunbo (H+K)
1st Session 11.10am- 11.30am  Digital Transformation in the Oil and Gas industry Niket Shah
11.30am- 11.40am Panelist Discussion/Q & A Panelist/Participants 
Sponsor 11.40am- 11.50am  Oil and Gas Presentation by Polaris Bank Anthony Anichebe
2nd Session 11.50am- 12.10pm  Technology as a tool to curb the proliferation of substandard lubricants in Nigeria Lilian Ikokwu
12.10pm- 12.20pm  Panelist Discussion/Q & A Panelist/Participants 
Sponsors Speech 12.20pm- 12.30pm  The Secret of Success in any Organisation (PART 1) Humberto Padilla
3rd Session 12.30pm- 12.45pm Latest Lubricants trends in Automotive Industry Indu M Gupta
  12.45pm-12.55pm Panelist Discussion/Q & A Panelist/Partcipant
Appreciation 12.55pm-1.00pm Appreciation of Sponsors & Speakers Tokunbo (H+K)
DAY 2  29th      
Introduction 11.00am- 11.10am Welcome Address, Ground Rules etc Tokunbo (H+K)
1st Session 11.10am- 11.20am  Introductory Speech (Keynote Speaker) Taye Williams
2nd Session 11.20am- 11.40am  Technology and Lubricants Roberto Vargas
  11.40am- 11.55am  Panelist Discussion/Q & A Panelist/Participants 
3rd Session 11.55am- 12.15pm CSR & Supply chain Update in Nigeria Godwin Gabriel Ejeh
  12.15pm- 12.30pm Panelist Discussion/Q & A Panelist/ Participants 
Sponsors Speech 12.20pm- 12.40pm Polaris Presentation on CSR with Adipro/Adipro CSR Bukola Oluyadi/Godwin Ejeh
  12.40pm- 12.50pm The Secret of Success of any Organisation (PART 2) Humberto Padilla
Award  12.50pm- 12.55pm Award Presentation Tokunbo (H+K)
Appreciation 12.55pm- 1.00pm Appreciation of Sponsors & Speakers Tokunbo (H+K)


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